Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red Wings @ Canucks

4 : Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver Canucks : 6

The Canucks cannot be bothered to put their names on the back of their jerseys, which was nice of them. This means I cannot be bothered to look up their names, either, so expect a lot of references to 'nameless Canuck player' in this post.

Couldn't get the Wings feed on the replay, for some ridiculous reason, so I caught a lot of ridiculous Canadian announcer comments. Funny guys, those Canadians.

I didn't take notes during the first period, but nothing really happened there anyway. There was a penalty to each team, but neither of them capitalized on the power play.

The Wings give up a goal in the closing minute of the period. Of course they do. Wings head to the locker room down 1-0.

The Wings come back out and finally get on the board during the second period with a goal from, guess who-

Danny Cleary:

This a fun one from the third line. It starts with a stretch pass by Modano for Abby, who picks it up and carries it into the zone. Just before being checked into the boards behind the goal, Abby backhands the puck towards the mass of humanity in front of the goal. It hits the goaltender and rebounds into the air. Cleary is moving towards the net at this point, and the puck hits him around the chest, rebounds off him and into the goal. They review this goal to make sure Cleary didn't glove it into the goal, which he didn't, and he nets his sixth point in four games.

Cleary is really enjoying himself this season.
Third line is tearing shit up lately. That's what I like to see. Cleary's goal is followed minutes later by one from Kronwall.

Kronwall's first goal:

This one is a rebound off the backboards. Kronwall's first shot is blocked by the nameless goaltender and Kronner keeps with it, shoving the rebound in just between the goal post and the goaltender's stick.

Nameless goalie tries really hard. Nameless goalie fails.

The Canucks score a response goal about a minute later. Yup.

We get a little fight later on in the 2nd between Abby and nameless Canuck player. Abby does a hilarious little sidestep to avoid a check, causing the Canuck to slam himself into the boards right in front of his own bench. I had a little laugh out of that one. Picture is a kind of blurry, as they didn't honor the near hit with a slow-mo, but it still looks funny none the less.

The nameless Canuck bench recoils in horror

Moments later Abby and nameless Canuck have a little tussle over by the Canuck backboards. They agree to drop the gloves after Abby nudges nameless Canuck with his stick a few times.

Spartan and Nameless Canuck are either exchanging heated words, or a heated kiss.

They rough around and get a few punches thrown, but it's broken up rather quick. Abby and nameless Canuck both get 5 minutes.

Abby is twice the man you are, nameless Canuck number 4!! 
Aha, see what I did there? Math joke!
Ericsson's 1st goal of the season:

A nice one timer by Big E. Cleary does his job and screens the nameless goalie. Hudler, the secondary assist, makes a nice pass to Lidstrom, who's at his usual spot on the left side. He doesn't have the shot, so he dishes it over to Ericsson, who one-times it in.

Cleary, really wanting to nail his Holmstrom impersonation, is knocked to the ice moments later by the goaltender, who complains about interference. Cleary is outside the crease, however, and the referee will have none of that.

Cleary manages to squeeze in a victoriously aloft stick before crashing to the ice. 
Homer's job is rough, but someone has to do it.

Congrats on your first of the season, Big E.

Lids and Big E hug it out

Wings leave the second period tied at 3-3.

Kronner's 2nd goal:

Kronner opens up the period with another goal, and this one he just shoots and beats the nameless goaltender straight up. He receives a pass from Franzen, who had retrieved the puck after a turnover in the offensive zone by Bertuzzi, and Kronner heads straight for the goal. The two defenders do nothing, so Kronner decides to wrist it in, and he scores.

Kronner approaches two pylons

This is the last goal by the Wings. Unfortunately, they can't hold onto this lead for more than two minutes, and the game runs away from them.

The power play in the 3rd :

The nameless Canuck Captain has the puck in our zone. He trips on nothing and falls (true story), and Miller scoops up the puck, carrying it into the offensive zone. Helm comes flying down the middle and takes the pass from Miller, shoving it towards the nameless goalie. 

He stops it, and Lidstrom comes freight training in behind Miller for the rebound. This is funny, because the camera is focused on the Canuck goal the whole time, and to see Nick come barreling in like that was amusing, to say the least. I didn't know Nick had that kind of speed. Especially late in the 3rd period of a back to back at 40 years old. But more on that in a second.

Nameless Canuck goalie makes the save and bats the attempt aside. Lidstrom thankfully has pretty good backward speed and is able to be in position as the Canucks bring the puck back into our zone. 

The Canadien announcers take this opportunity to make sure we know that Lidstrom is 40 years old and probably can't handle booking it from one end of the ice to the other and is no doubt exhausted, so if the Canucks are going to score, this is a nice opportunity.

Thanks for that.

The Canucks score, obviously, and I blame Stuart for this one. If you're going to stand in front of Howard, you'd better block the shot. Otherwise, get the hell out of the way and let Howard see enough of it to be able to at least try and make a save.


A nameless Canuck later on in the period picks up a nice rebound and taps a goal past Howard,who goes for a sprawling save but can't quite get a handle on it, and that's game.


Random Note:

The Canadian announcers drop a little statement in the 2nd that the Canuck GM complained about travel and back to back games causing his players injury and managed to convice the NHL of this prior to the scheduling of the season, so when they go on their 5 game Eastern swing the Canucks won't be playing any back to back games.

Gee, that must be nice.

Fun statistic: The Wings kept with it until the third period, where they were outshout an amazing 23 to 7. In the previous two periods combined, the Canucks had managed only 9 shots.

Don't Think We Didn't Notice:

11 players fell into the minus department of the +/- this game. All of them were a -1, except for one player.

And that is Nicklas Lidstrom, who rocked the -3 tonight.

Which, I'm sure, every recap of this game is happily going to point out.

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