Friday, November 12, 2010

Oilers @ Red Wings

2 : Edmonton Oilers @ Detroit Red Wings : 6

Some Oiler memories:

“Stick handling his way into the zone, Hemsky, leaves it for Samsonov, Samsonov, HEMSKY, HE SCOOOOOOOOOORES!!”

Four years later, and it still hurts.

Some Notes From The Game:

The first penalty kill (due to a lame Modano hook) had this little gem:

9:04 Detroit Shorthanded - Shot on goal by Nicklas Lidstrom saved by Nikolai Khabibulin (Slapshot 161 ft)

Lidstrom prepares the shot. 
Elsewhere, Dan Ellis feels the hairs on the back of his neck rise. Dan Cloutier sneezes.

Lidstrom, from 161 feet, slaps a shot that arcs gracefully through the air and lands smack into Bulin. Fucking beautiful. This draws an appreciative chuckle from Mick and an amused 'that's Detroit's sixth shot on goal' from Ken. I spend a moment daydreaming about this shot being successful, before realizing that it's not the playoffs. Save it for later, Nick.

And then in the dying seconds of the PK he does a pretty good job of tying up an Oiler's stick with a loose puck in front of the goal. Nice kill by Lids. He goes on to make several very awesome defensive plays in the first, before Detroit ran away with the game.

Holmstrom's goal:

I'm pretty sure Homer has never scored a goal without being crosschecked immediately before or after.

Homer camping out around his office, doing what he does. Datsyuk stops by to say hello.

Cleary's goal:

Assisted by the Tuzzi. Who else? These two are starting to make a very nice line together. Pretty simple play, actually, nothing really outstanding by either Tuzzi or Cleary here. Mostly looked like Bulin was just king of the suck mountain on this one, and nobody bothered to pick up Cleary as he entered the zone late.

Cleary's 2nd goal:

Now THIS goal was awesome. Some incredibly crappy puck handling by some random Oiler allows Tuzzi to glove the puck out of the air and handle it into the corner. Along the way he takes a quick look over his shoulder and notices Cleary coming in behind him. He decides to switch hands on his stick rather than go for the Tuzzi Spin-o-Rama and dishes it to Cleary, who then does a SICK little wrap from next to the goal.

Filppula, like the rest of us, wants to know where the hell that came from.


You know, I never really paid much attention to Modano over the years. He was noticeable during those random times we played the Stars in the playoffs, but he never really caught my eye. (The Stars have nice jerseys, by the way. Good colors.)

Anyway, it occurs to me that Modano skates very fast for a guy who's 40. Especially since you have to inevitably compare him to the other 40 year old on the team, Nicklas Lidstrom, who skates about as fast as a pylon (sorry, Nick, but it's true. I think you actually skate faster backward than you do forward).

Ken and Mick like to make jersey-flapping-in-the-wind remarks whenever Modano swoops in like a speeding bullet and races off with the puck; something he's starting to do more frequently as the season wears on.

So Modano races off with the puck towards Bulin, some random Oiler trips him up, knocking Modano into the boards and the goal net off its moorings. Queue penalty shot.

Queue also a slew of random notes by the announcers! I always enjoy that.

There have been 14 penalty shots so far in the NHL!
9 have been successful!
Modano's last penalty show was on Nov 22, 2006 against the Predators! He failed! Great!! I expect big things.
Last Red Wing penalty shot in the JLA was by Filppula in December 07! Just in case you were wondering!

So Modano gives the penalty shot a go. And fails. 

Gretzky would have made that shot, Mike. You should be ashamed.

Also, Modano has had 5 penalty shots now in his career! He has yet to score on one!

Some playful banter among the announcers with regards to Gretzky's penalty shot prowess. Haha.

Lidstrom – one of 5 defensemen in the NHL to lead their teams in scoring! Red Wings, with 35 points, has the most points by a defensemen in the NHL!

This is, apparently, random statistic day.

Also, during the second period, the FUCKING TAPPING FROM THE ANNOUNCER'S BOOTH. God, that shit drives me nuts. Put a push-to-talk on those mics or something.

Franzen's goal:

 The Mule clenches his fist in sweet victory

Career goal 100. Nothing too spectacular from the Mule on this one. Rebound in front of the goal, there's a mad rush of sticks smacking away at it (you can see all six guys in front of the net in the pic above) with Franzen and Filppula deep in the mix, and one of them manages to give it that last tap into the goal. They give the goal to Filppula at first, but replay from the announcers shows that it's Franzen's. They correct it later on.

 The Joe unknowingly celebrates Franzen's 100th

So the Red Wings run away with the game. Homer nets his 2nd goal:

How many Oilers does it take to stop Homer? I don't know, but they used six. And failed.

This goal is pure Homer. The announcers make sure to note afterward that Homer can't skate worth shit and yet still manages to crank out an average 30 goals a year doing what he does best – camping the crease.

Don't Stop Believing echoes in the Joe after his goal, born and raised in SOUTH DETROOOOOOIT~ Always a classic.

Detroit gives up an obligatory response goal to the Oilers moments later, which is annoying but inevitable. They always do this, which is a habit they might want to address later on.

No good penalty servitude this game, so no one served with pride. Maybe next game.

I do think you should have the option of giving up the penalty shot in exchange for a power play, though.

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