Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coyotes @ Red Wings

2 : Phoenix Coyotes @ Detroit Red Wings : 3

No memories here, as the Coyotes haven't really managed anything memorable. Ever.

National broadcast on Versus, so no Ken and Mick. You should have seen the set up I had in order to get this game on my TV. I am a genius.

Some Notes From The Game:

Wings take the lead in the beginning with a goal from (who else?) Danny Cleary, who's off to a good start this season. He's assisted by Raffi, who nets his third assist in as many games. The announcers drop the typical remarks – the JLA has lively boards, so watch those rebounds.

Yeah, we know.

Don't think Bryz is far enough away from the goal here.

Right before this goal Homer gets a shout out when he absolutely dumps some poor Coyote.
They then talk about Homer playing on the Eurotwin line, and pretty much say that he's really got no skills, so it's his job to muck around around the crease and smash people.

Homer smash!

The Red Wings let the Coyotes tie the game just before the closing of the first period. Of course they do

The Second Period:

The first penalty is this period is Stempnak giving Howard a hug. He's called for interference, again, but manages to give Jimmah his number before going into the box.

Call me!

We only get seven seconds of a power play before Kronner decides to rock Fiddler's world with a hip check and gets called for tripping.

 This check wasn't really necessary, but I enjoyed it none the less.

That's what you get for high-sticking Lidstrom during the playoffs, shmuck. Yeah, I got a long memory.

Fiddler departs for the dressing room after this hit.

 Fiddler did not enjoy being Kronwalled

So now we've got almost two minutes of a 4 on 4. This is a fun little special team exercise. Cleary and Zetterberg run into each other in the neutral zone when they can't decide mid-stride who's going to grab the puck, 

My, don't we look stupid-

Rafalski does a nice job keeping the puck in the offensive zone, Cleary has a good time mucking around, and when Yandle tries to take the puck into our end, he “tries to walk through Lidstrom, and the wily veteran will have none of that”, as Lidstrom neatly strips him of the puck and sends it back into the offensive zone. This was fun to watch.

Also, I'm pretty sure no announcer on the face of this earth can mention Lidstrom without adding his age to the statement.

No scoring from the 4 on 4, but a good time was had all around.

No scoring from anyone the second period, and the Wings head to the dressing room down by 1.

Lidstrom's goal:

Almost midway through the third, Lids get the Wings back into the game. Shot from the blue line, pure Lidstrom. This one goes all the way, with Homer screening the goalie. Datsyuk gets an assist on this one, putting both Lids and Pavel on 9 game point streaks. Awesome.

Just look at the Red Wing sticks in this picture. Just look at them. 
Even if Lidstrom had missed, the rebound/deflection was ours.

Zetterberg's OT Winner:

You could tell this whole game the Wings were kind of tired. They couldn't hold onto a lead to save their lives (not that they can do it normally, either), so I'm glad we managed to scrape this one together in the end. Last game kind of threw the Wing's third period prowess into doubt.

This is a nice deflection by Zetterberg, who sets up shop just outside the crease with his stick flat on the ice. There's a delayed penalty waiting to be called, and Cleary has gone to the bench to get a new stick, having broken his. Howard makes for the bench as well for the extra man. This is all unnecessary, as Salei slaps a shot towards the goal and Zetterberg deflects it home. Very well executed. 

 Zetterberg gives Salei his props as the Coyotes stand around in shame.

The announcers, whose names I don't know, make some nice remarks regarding the Wing's ability to 'find ways to win.'

It's called skill, Jack.

Nothing worthy of Don't Think We Didn't Notice this game. And no one served proudly.

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