Sunday, November 14, 2010

Avalanche @ Red Wings

1 : Colorado Avalanche @ Detroit Red Wings : 3

My older brother was in attendance at this game, that asshole. Judging from the grainy-ass pic txt he sent me during the game, he was in the upper bowl about even with Budaj. The pic he sent me was the Hudler goal, as near as I can tell. He was also kind enough to add a pic of him flashing me a thumbs-up in front of the JLA sign outside. I almost forgive him.

Some Notes From The Game:

If I was rockin' a drinking game during this match, and 'Hudler knocked to the ice' and 'Holmstrom knocked to the ice' were rules, I would have died of alcohol poisoning. Hudler alone would have done it, but I added Holmstrom so Huds wouldn't feel bad.

Ken really loves the fact that there are two Stuarts in this match.

Jimmy rocks his new mask for the whole game, and I for one thinks it looks pretty badass.

Also, a very lengthy conversation was held by Ken and Mick about the Stastny hockey players, for no reason. If the word Stastny was part of the drinking game, I've have died. Again.

Bertuzzi's goal:

Avalanche fans everywhere weep. God's existence is called into question. A kitten is run over by a car, somewhere. I like how silent the JLA is beforehand– you can actually hear the puck hit the goal net. I can watch a replay of this all night. Such a great sound. FWAP. FWAP. FWAP.

 Lab results show this smile to be a leading cause of cancer among Avalanche fans.

Hudler's goal:

Now, first off. Nicklas Lidstrom. I mean, are you kidding me? The man's a freak. On the replay I could hear someone on the bench shout two seconds before the penalty expired, so I figure that's how he knew Hudler was coming out of the box, but what a pass. Not a tape-to-tape pass, obviously, got away from Hudler a bit there, but what a great reaction and awareness from Lidstrom. This primary assist lengthens Lidstrom's point streak to 11 games. Keep it up, old man.

So yeah, Lidstrom gets the heads up that Huds is about to come out of the box. He gives it a hard enough tap to send it between the two Avalanche defenders on the blue line. Hudler manages to catch up with it as he exits the box, but it gets away from him a little bit as it heads towards the goal. He gets enough of his stick on it to give it a good shove into Budaj's pads, but is easily blocked. Hudler picks up the rebound and brings it with him to the boards behind the goal, and then shoots the puck at the back of Budaj. The puck bounces off Budaj's skate and into the goal.

God's existence, having been put into question following Tuzzi's goal, is reaffirmed. Hudler thanks him, profusely.

This picture really needs no caption. Happy's face says it all.

Hud's reaction, as was happily pointed out by Mick, was priceless. Way to finally get on the score sheet, comrade. Add a couple more in the next few games, and maybe I'll stop thinking you're kind of useless.

They also spend a decent chunk of the time after this goal discussing Lidstrom's game, which is nice to see. Lidstrom is leading NHL defensemen in points, for the 4th time in his illustrious career.

Cleary's goal:

Tuzzi pulls out his classic spin-o-rama to protect the puck and dish it to Cleary, who snaps that shit home with a sick backhander. I'm officially naming the two of them Shake and Bake.

That just happened!

This is an awesome line and I hope Babcock keeps them together.

The third period saw Jimmah's shutout ruined by a rather hilarious string of two penalties.

The second being the funny one, a too many men on the ice call. Mostly because of Datsyuk. Actually, entirely because of Datsyuk. I thought it was funny as shit. You can tell Datsyuk knew what he did right away because he spent a good five seconds after the whistle blew frozen in place, probably with a guilty as shit look on his face. Yeah, gotcha Datsyuk. I took a picture and conveniently marked the offender, just so it is forever immortalized. 

 Datsyuk spends a few seconds stuck in this position, making sweet love to the boards while contemplating his abject failure.

5:082 Minute Bench Penalty for Too Many Men on the Ice (Served by Todd Bertuzzi) 

That's right, Tuzzi. Serve that shit. Serve it with pride. 

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