Saturday, October 16, 2010

Red Wings @ Coyotes

1 : Phoenix Coyotes @ Detroit Red Wings : 2

Enemy feed this time, so no Ken and Mick.

Due to cap restrictions, we're only dressing 17 skaters. After the loss of Franzen, we are unable to bring up anyone from Grand Rapids.

Some remarks by the announcers about how Stevie stole Ritola from us when we tried to send him down to Grand Rapids, that shmuk.

Just kidding. You can have him, Stevie. You can also have my firstborn, if you want.

The First Period:

Cleary starts off the game by getting dumped into the boards. He didn't look to enjoy it.

Datsyuk and Lids get a rush going, but nothing comes of that.

Hudler goes off for tripping. Idiot.

We easily kill it off.

Bertuzzi gets a 1 on 1, dishes it to an incoming Cleary, but the shot is blocked. Bryz spends this game conducting highway robbery on us. God.

The game chugs along at a decent pace until Eaves draws a penalty for hooking.

Lids gets a nice one-timer off, but Bryz robs that.

Cleary gets rocked twice.

Poor guy...

 Danny, not having a good time

Not to be out done, Tuzzi gets checked and loses his helmet.

The Coyotes get called for hooking. They're not pleased.

Howard makes a save when a Coyote gets a breakaway.

 Jimmah takes no chances and makes a snow angel
And then gives up a goal a second later.

Sorry, Jimmah.

The Second Period:

Bryz robs Filppula...jerk.

Tuzzi and Yote cringe in horror
The announcers let us know that this is Modano's 100th game against the Coyotes. Congrats, old man...

They talk about Shane Doan, and about why he hasn't left Phoenix for another team. Doan says he stays because he's not finished here yet, and wants to get past the first round of the playoffs, which the Yotes have never done.

The Red Wings take great pleasure in ensuring that Doan never succeeds.

Cleary dumps someone in the neutral zone. He seems frustrated with his rough treatment.

Eaves get sandwiched between two Coyotes who decide to check him at the same time. Eaves angrily responds by assisting on the next goal.

Datsyuk's goal:

Well, the Coyotes really scored on themselves on this one, so Datsyuk doesn't get a lot of credit for this. Eaves has the puck and passes to Datsyuk, who brings it into the zone. He gets pressed by at least three Coyotes and decides to just shoot it in. It hits a Coyote and deflects up into the air, landing behind the goal. Datsyuk goes after it, managing to get a stick on it and taps it towards the front of the goal. It bounces off Stempniak's skate and in. Eaves actually gets credit at first, as it looked like his swinging stick was what changed the puck's direction, but they award it later to Datsyuk.

I still think they should give out assists to players that score on themselves.

So now we have a tie game.

Filppula gets robbed. Again.

Apparently one of the announcers got stung by a scorpion before the game, and they keep joking about it during the match.

How do you joke around about something like that?!

Zetterberg goes off for interference for pushing a Coyote into Jimmah.

Get out of my house!
During the penalty kill, Lidstrom shows the Coyotes what's up.

Helm and Eaves go throw a party. The announcers acknowledge that Helm is 'dangerous shorthanded'. A good assessment

The puck jumps into the Coyote bench, and we're treated to the play of the game-

It's that Ekman-Larsson kid undressing Kindl with a spin-o-rama. Oh, Kindl...

As if in direct response to this, Kindl goes to the box for interference. This kid takes a lot of penalties.

I do some research on Kindl's penchant for penalties. He takes more than his fair share down in Grand Rapids. Tighten it up, kid.

Penalty kill time. Lidstrom again shows them what's up.

Phoenix grabs themselves a hooking penalty. The announcers are none too pleased, as we've dodged some penalties of our own this period. Suck it up, Yotes.

The period comes to a close midway through the power play.

The Third Period:

We squander the remaining time in our power play.

Stuart gets hit in the face with a puck that bounces into the Wing bench. Sadly, no replay. Damn.

Yotes get a penalty for smacking Zetterberg in the mouth with his stick. Shmucks.

 Not the face!
This grants us a nice, solid double minor. During this double minor, Lidstrom tries really, really hard to score. He logs a 2 min 26 second shift, and skates empty-handed back to the bench. Sorry, old man.

Bryz robs Bertuzzi.

We absolutely squander the entire power play.

At the end of it, Larsson gets dumped into his net. Bryz comforts him.

 Keep your chin up, kid
Eaves goes off for holding.

We kill that off.

Larsson heads to the box for holding Eaves. 

Coyotes kill that off.

Miller and Eaves collide into each other and a random Yote.

 Traffic jam
The period closes with no scoring by either team. Bryz robs Lidstrom and company on a nice redirect in the dying seconds.

 Take that robbed feeling with you into overtime, Wings!


Bryz robs Datsyuk right off the bat.

Yote trips up Bertuzzi and goes to the box. This game is so ours.

Lids gets at least five one-timers off.

The Coyotes manage to take yet another penalty. Pissed, and probably feeling those two points swirling the drain, they start a line brawl.

 Holmstrom is the root cause of all this, just so you know
Tuzzi, Dats, Kindl, Holmstrom, and Kronner are all involved. Dats loses his helmet.

Turns out the penalty was for crosschecking, as a Yote had decided to go for a ride on Homer

 I can already feel the revenge formulating
Doan isn't pleased. He goes to whine at the ref, but the ref tells him to get lost.

After the line brawl has been cleaned up, they throw a couple people in the box, including Homer. It ends up with a 4 on 3 in our favor.

Bryz robs us on some good one timers. Tuzzi hits the post. Bryz fucking robs us like eight times in a row after that. Jesus.

The Yotes take their time out. I don't blame them.

 The Red Wings discuss the weather
It's all for naught, however.
Kronwall's goal:

Lidstrom has it at the line. He dishes it to Z, who's at the top of the left faceoff dot, and heads deep into the zone. Z passes to Kronner, who's centered on the line. Kronner comes into the zone a bit, decides to take the slapshot. Cleary provides the screen.


Maybe next time, Yotes

Don't Think We Didn't Notice:

Kindl has more than his fair share of moments in the NHL, but I'll throw him a bone.

Kindl defends the honor of Stevie with a hard check
That's what you get for wearing the sacred 19, you shmuck. Seeing that number below your disgusting face makes my insides boil.

No one served with pride this match.

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