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Red Wings @ Devils

4 : Detroit Red Wings @ New Jersey Devils : 1

Some Notes From The Game:

 For those of you somehow unaware, from the '95 playoffs until now the Red Wings have been in Stanley Cup Finals six times. Four of those times have been sweeps - the Devils swept us in four games in '95, we swept the Flyers in four games in 97' and the Capitals in four games in 98', and then we went on to sweep the Hurricanes in five games in 2002. Yup.

I don't like the Devils.

The First Period:

We start off by scoring on our first shot on goal. It's gonna be a good game.

Holmstrom's goal:

Stuart corrals the puck at the right point. Makes a small pass to Datsyuk, who wrists it on goal. Holmstrom gets a stick on it en-route, deflecting the puck into the goal post. The puck ricochets off and hits Brodeur in the back, and bounces into the goal.

Sorry 'bout your luck...
A minute later, Cleary scores on the next shot on goal.

Cleary's goal:

Bertuzzi has the puck in center ice. He catches Cleary racing up the left, makes the pass. Cleary wrists it from the top of the faceoff dot and beats Brodeur.

Shake and Bake are back in action
Miller goes off for hooking.

The Devil's power play is in the basement, so I'm not particularly worried.

Osgood makes a good stick save, followed by absolute chaos in the crease. 

Sweet chaos

Lidstrom, that beautiful old man, makes two great stick saves, the first a follow-up to Ozzie's block to knock the puck out of the crease, the next is to quickly shove a puck trickling towards the goal line under Ozzie.

Not on my watch!

A Devil goes off for tripping Helm after the ensuing faceoff, giving us 52 seconds of 4-on-4.

Since the lockout, only us, the Sharks, and the Devils have made the playoffs every year. Unless the Devils get their shit together by Christmas, they're not gonna make it.

Eaves goes to the box for hooking. The Devils get another shot at the power play. We easily kill it off.

We get a look at the upset Devil's GM Lou Lamoriello and the Kovalchuk trade. He doesn't look too pleased.
Not pleased

Money well spent?

I should note that there's been a ton of broken sticks so far. They're everywhere.

More hockey. Here's a shot of Nick talking to McCrimmon on the bench. Why? Uh... no reason, really. Didn't they used to be roommates on the road back in the day?

Good job out there, fellas
The fourth line rocks the shit out of the Devils. Eaves manages to hit a goal post. There's chaos. It was glorious.

The period closes without further action.

During the first intermission, Trevor Thompson does an interview with Holmstrom. The first question he poses is, "Did you get a stick on that first goal?"

Homer responds, "Are you blind?"

The Second Period:

Nothing much until Big E and some random frustrated Devil have a fight/hugfest. They both get 5 for fighting, and the Devil somehow doesn't get the extra 2 for instigating. Oh well.

Jersey pulling competition
The Toddzilla-Filppula-Franzen line throws a pretty good tic-tac-toe party in the offensive zone. Toddzilla somehow misses a wide open net on a one-timer, and then trips on a puck when trying to go skate-to-stick. They were pretty good plays, actually.

How do you miss that?!!?
Toddzilla and Filppula, on the bench after the shift, share a few chuckles over it. Toddzilla shakes his head, no doubt lamenting the fact that they were pretty good chances. And the fact that he tripped on the puck. How often does that happen?

You all saw it
Zetterberg's goal:

Datsyuk wins a puck battle on the left boards. He gets a small pass off to Zetterberg, who wrists one on goal. Holmstrom does a drive-by of the crease, creating havoc and looking for garbage. Zetterberg joins the fun, and manages to a get a stick on the rebound. Score.

Dedication pays off
That's Z's first career goal against the Devils. Zetterberg has now scored on every team in the NHL but Buffalo. In case you wanted to know.

Both Brodeur and Osgood have scored a goal in their respective careers. Osgood's was against Hartford back in '96. Brodeur scored his in the '97 playoffs against the Canadiens.

Franzen gets nailed in the ankle with a puck. He gets back up, albeit slowly, but seems to be fine. Franzen, I swear...

The Devils try very hard to score in the final minutes. All they manage to do is hug it out with Lidstrom and Franzen. Classy.

 The FS Detroit studio wants to make sure you understand how awesome the Devils used to be.

Wings still the best =)
The period closes without further action.

During the second intermission, we get a look at our Operation Curly Fries victory. 

And Rafalski scores the player profile this match.

The Third Period:

Some Devil gets Kronwalled. The refs give the Devils a pity power play by sending Kronner to the box for boarding. 


The Devils score on the power play. Sorry 'bout that shut out, Ozzy.

Moments later, a Devil goes off for hooking/holding/tripping/being an idiot to Filppula.

This power play is really awesome. I can't believe we didn't score. Lidstrom rocked the shit out of this one, getting some very good shots off. Holmstrom was digging for that tip-in, but manages to send it wide each time. Lidstrom executes at least three excellent keep-ins, and the Devils don't clear until there's 20 seconds left in the power play.

A puck gets knocked so high it goes over the netting. Awesome.

113,411 were attendance at the Big Chill in the Big House. Good stuff. Michigan shut out Michigan State 5-0. Sadness...

No action until Big E goes to the box for interference.

There's a fair bit of chaos in the first 30 seconds of the penalty kill. Lidstrom eventually gets the clear. Osgood makes some good saves.

Datsyuk's goal:

Dastyuk was so pleased with himself on this one. Big E dumps the puck. Zetterberg retreives along the right boards, no look backhands out towards the front of the goal. Datsyuk is there, and backhands into the goal.

Eurotwins, combine!
Ken mentions that both Datsyuk and Zetterberg have a goal and an assist, and the looming possibility of a Gordie Howe hat trick. Murph laughingly tells Ken to not even joke about it.

The Eurotwins celebrate their awesomeness.

We scored!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

A Devil goes off for slashing Eaves.

Osgood stones someone that gets a breakaway. Ossssssgooooooood. I kinda wish he got that shut out. He deserved it. We get a few good shots off, but no joy. Lidstrom gets robbed.

Zetterberg goes off for hooking.

We easily kill off the penalty.

Aaaaaaaand that's game.

Don't Think We Didn't Notice:
Hmm... gonna have to go with Bertuzzi tripping on a puck while trying to go skate-to-stick. It was pretty funny.


No penalty servitude this match, so no one Served With Pride.

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